May 5, 2005

As  I  sit  down  at  this  computer  to  write  you  this   letter / story,  I  pray  that  God will  give  me  the   words  that  I  need to  express  every  emotion   that  I   may   have.

In July 2004,  we found  that our  family would be  blessed with  another member.  This time, the   birth  would  be  from  my  daughter, Jessica.  Jessica  was  never  a  rebellious person.  But  in  June 2004,  after  graduating  high  school and turning 19, she decided to  "spread  her  wings".  For   some  reason,  she   became  angry  with  me  and  ran   away.  Although  I  was  left  very  heartbroken  and  lost,  I  could not  talk to  her  or  persuade her  to  come  home  to work  things  out.  The  only  thing  I knew  to  do  was to PRAY and   ask  GOD  to  protect  her  
and   to  help  her  work  through   everything   she   was going  through.

On  July  21,  Jessica   called  me   crying  that  she  was  in  severe  pain.   Not   knowing what   may  be  going  on,  I  went  to  where  she was  at  and  took  her  to  the  hospital ER. The  doctor there  ran  test after  test.  Finally  a  diagnosis;  she  was PREGNANT! She  was  about  4  weeks  along.   At  first, I  thought  my  heart would stop.  I was mad. I didn't  know  who to be  mad  at  (her or GOD?).   I  couldn't  be  mad  at  GOD;   I   had  prayed  to  Him  to  bring  my  daughter  home  to  me.  I thoroughly   believe  He   used her  pregnancy to  bring  her  back  home.  She  came  home  around  the  first  of August. The people  that  she was  with  tried everything  they  could   to  convince her  that  if she  went home  that  I would  make  her   have  an   abortion.   Yeah,   right!  Little    did they  know  that abortion  was  never  an   option.  I  do  not  believe  in   them  I   took Jessica  to   every  appointment  that  she  had with   her   OB   doctor.   On   her   first appointment,  we  were  told  that  it  was  too   early  to  hear  the  heartbeat, but   we did.   I  literally  came  out   of  my  seat  and  cried:  "Oh  my  gosh,  that's  your  baby!!!" What  a  moment! 
In  October,  Jessica  had   an   ultrasound.  Jessica,  Dustin   (the  baby's  father),  and   I  watched    as   the   tech  moved  the  ultrasound   wand   across   her   belly.  Two   arms, two  legs,   a   head,  a   chest, a  belly  and  a   tiny beating  heart,  and  then  it  was revealed:   "It's  a  BOY!"  Yes,  another moment  in  time  to  cry.  He  was  healthy. Even  though  she   had  a   few   trials   in   this    pregnancy,   Jessica    never   gave   up.

On   March  17,  2005,   she   gave   birth.   Benjamin   Scott   King   was   born   at   5:51 PM.  He'd  weighed  in  at  8  lbs.  12.2 oz.  and   was  19   inches  long.  Benjamin  (which,  in  Hebrew,  means   "son  of  the  right  hand"),   is  wonderful.  His  bright blue  eyes  and beautiful  smile  makes  my  heart  melt  with  joy.  I'm  so  grateful  to GOD for  leading my  Jessi  home  and  for   allowing   me  to   go  through  the  pregnancy  and  the   birth of  my   precious   grandson,   Benjamin  Scott  King.  Also   thank  you  to  Eva   Stover, who  is  my   spiritual   MOM,   for  all   of  your prayers  and  love. Titi   and  Luz, Even  though  I  have never  met  these  women,  they  are  truly  a  blessing  from GOD. These three  women have  prayed through  Jessica's  pregnancy  and   delivery.  They also  made  and   gave her  a   white   crochet  blanket, sweater, and   booties  for   the baby.  Benjamin   wore   them   home  from  the  hospital.  We  will  forever  be  grateful to  you    and   to   GOD   for    the  many   blessings  we   have.  A   baby   is not   only  conceived  in  the  womb,   but  also  in  the  heart.

With Love in Christ Jesus,
Joann King
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"Blessed be the GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the GOD of all comfort, Who comforts us in all our afflictions so that
we may be able to comfort those, who are in any affliction with the same comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by GOD"
II Corinthians l:3-4
Jessica   is  one  very  courageous young  woman  who'd   chosen  life for  her  baby   against  all  odds. It was during  this  most  difficult time of  her  life  that  she'd   found   the
loving  and  caring  support  of  her family, her friends, and a Heavenly Father Who had promised to never leave  her   or  forsake  her  in  her time    of    need.   May   her   story encourage  women  everywhere  to choose life for their unborn  babies and  for  themselves.    Remember, you  are  greatly loved!

Eva Marie Stover
Victims of Abortion Speak Out