In Light of The Ineffectiveness of Condoms, Is It Reality or Myth?
by Eva Marie Stover, Women Exploited by Abortion
July 29, 1993, Hardin County Independent, Elizabethtown KY -- Pg. 4

AIDS -- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome --  which is spreading throughout our nation at an alarming rate, has killed more than 182,000 Americans since 1981.  I write this because of my concern about today's young people and about the "safe-sex" myth in which they have been taught.

Ironically one of the best places to find the truth about condoms is in the professional publications of the groups that most actively promote them.  According to The Kentucky Citizen's Digest, (Jan/Feb 1993, pg.4)  article entitled "Condom Roulette", a study on the effectiveness of condoms was published by Family Planning Perspectives (Planned Parenthood's Journal).  In that study, the Alan Guttmacher Institute
estimated that condoms have a 15.7% overall failure rate.

In addition, experts from the Centers for Disease Control [CDC], , the U.S. Naval Research Laboratories and the American Journal of Nursing revealed that the holes in a standard latex condom are 5 microns in diameter, a males sperm is 45 microns and the HIV virus is only .1 micron.

In other words, HIV is three times smaller than the herpes virus, 60 times smaller than the spirochetes which causes syphilis, 450 times smaller than sperm and 50 times smaller than the holes in a latex condom.  Therefore, condoms are not as safe as what they are made out to be.

However, most Americans are not aware that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has refused to license condoms to be advertised as birth control devices because of their ineffectiveness.

Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, past president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapist, gave a lecture on AIDS to 800 sexologists at an international gathering in 1987.  According to the Kentucky Citizen's Digest (Jan/Feb 1993,  p.4-5), she asked her colleagues, that if they had available to them the partner of their dreams, and knew that person carried the HIV virus,  would they have sex, depending on a condom for protection.

No one raised their hand.  After a long delay, one hand surfaced in the back of the room.  Dr. Crenshaw concluded that
"putting a mere balloon between a healthy body and a deadly disease is not safe." 

Throughout America, school boards are continuing to accept misinformation on AIDS promoted by the "comprehensive sex-education" crowd.  And Congress continues to allocate $450,000,000 every year to Planned Parenthood and like organizations for the purpose of promoting these lies. Sad to say, the CDC estimated that 196,000 more Americans would die of AIDS from 1992-1994.

Parents should be aware that many of the HIV/AIDS programs are being used to promote homosexuality -- the lifestyle that is the major culprit
in the spread of AIDS.  According to the CDC, over 87% of all AIDS cases in America are confined to the homosexual community and those
who use intravenous drugs.  Are your teens being taught that if they don't involve themselves in homosexual behavior or don't use IV drugs or have sex with anyone who does that it is nearly impossible for them to become infected with AIDS? 

We need to love our young people enough to tell them that the only true "safe-sex" is "chaste-sex", which means pre-marital abstinence and marital fidelity (one man and one woman united for life and having sex only with each other).

Unless we come to terms with the sickness that stalks a generation of Americans, teen promiscuity  will continue and millions upon millions of
our children, thinking that they will be protected, will suffer for the rest of their lives, even to the point of death.

Safe-sex, myth or reality?  In light of the AIDS epidemic and what is happening throughout our land, you decide.
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