February 27, 1992,  The News Enterprise of Elizabethtown, KY., Pg. 4A

This letter is in response to the article written in your paper entitled "Our Choice,"  dated February 18, 1992.

And it's because of my own abortion experience, nearly 22-years ago, and the countless women who have come forward with their own testimony of abortion's aftermath, that I feel the silence must be broken.

Abortion is never really a "free choice."  Most often, women who seek an abortion believe that there is "no other choice."  These same women are most often pressured into having an abortion by their husbands, boyfriends, parents, friends, doctors, welfare workers, and even ministers of the gospel.

There is a great deal of evidence showing that the "choice" to abortion is really an act made out of desperation.  The abortion industry is a very callous, very greedy business - cloaked in the guise of "helping" women.

The so called "freedom" of abortion is not a great step forward for women.  You see, when you finally cut through all the political debates.
When you cut through all the civil strife... you will find the true issue at hand - "dead babies and their wounded, grieving mothers."

We will find women who have aborted their precious babies, and having lived to regret it.  To these women, the issue of abortion is very real, because they have struggled with its painful decision.  These women have experienced abortion in its reality and its shame.  And theirs is the voice that needs to be heard, far above those who say that abortion is a "liberating" experience.

These same women have tried to deny, or rather forget their past; but most often it has led them to even greater psychological [spiritual] problems.  Recent reports, through psychological evaluation, have shown that the deep-rooted emotional problems in women stem from their
having had an abortion.

Today, most doctors, and even clergymen do not know how to effectively minister to these hurting, women so they are left to themselves.  Churches are filled to overflowing with these walking wounded. 

Therefore, the majority of abortive women continue to live in great bondage because they have not released their grief, remorse, shame, hurt, and unforgiveness following the trauma of having had an abortion.

Most abortion activists claim that they "will" control their own lives, their own reproduction, their own thoughts - when deep within the recesses
of their soul they know that they are living a big lie.  They continue to label abortion as "safe and legal," yet countless of women have already died from botched abortions.

These are tragedies that are not being told.  No one hears about the countless of women who have committed suicide, most often teen-agers who could not "cope" with their abortion decision.

Yet, society continues to deny that any of this is linked to abortion's aftermath.  Abortion has a second victim... the mother.

These women spend sleepless nights grieving over the loss of their baby, wishing that they could somehow go back, into the past, and undo
all the damage that abortion had done.  For them, their baby is very real.  It is no longer looked upon as a blob, or a piece of tissue.  For
them, it was their baby.  The baby that they will never be able to hold.  The baby that they will never be able to rock to sleep at night.  The
baby that they will never be able to say "I love you" to.  The baby that they will never be able to enjoy, and watch grow up to be that precious
individual GOD had created him/her to be.  This was their baby.

Yet, most often these same women remain silent, in their self-made closets because of their guilt, shame, unforgiveness, and great anguish of heart.

There is a whole world filled to overflowing with physically and spiritually sick women who so desperately need to be set from their painfilled past.  

All the while society continues to dictate that legalized abortion saves women's lives.  In actuality, abortion robs women of life, of peace and happpiness.

Many marriages and homes have broken-up because of abortion's aftermath.  We must remember that abortion is a transgression of divine principles; but there is forgiveness, healing, and restoration found, in Christ [Messiah] to those suffering the guilt and shame of their decision.

Twenty-two years ago, I made a very tragic, fatal mistake, and I have lived to regret it.  I cannot go back and undo the past, but I can move forward educating women about the traumatic "reality" of abortion, by presenting the truth,  through the "voice of experience." 
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"And GOD shall wipe away all tears from their eyes:  and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither
shall there be any more pain:  For the former things are passed away" 
- Revelation 21:4
by Eva Marie Stover, Women Exploited by Abortion